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Changing things up a bit...

In preparation for next month's family history writing challenge, I decided to set my blog up to reflect my writings and hopefully keep me inspired, and in turn...keep me writing!

The photo at the top is of my grandparents, taken the spring after they were married in 1935.  I wrote about them a few years ago here.   They are my inspiration for what I hope to write about next month, namely, my maternal side of the family - The Parrish's.

Now I need your help.  If you're reading...and I KNOW you're out there...please leave a comment on this post and let me know if my page is readable, easy on the eyes (text size, color), etc....  Basically if there is anything that makes you squint or cringe to view my blog page (Other than the actual content, of course!).  I really do value the few readers I have (though I suspect there are a few quiet readers out there), and I want to make sure that you actually want to come back and read what I'm writing.

I'm so looking forwar…

On Cars, Steak, & Hockey....and $$$$

I was speaking with an aquaintance today and somehow (for the life of me, I can't even think now how this topic came up)...somehow the topic came around to the fact that he had just bought a Corvette.

A Corvette.  Really?

Ummm...why?? (Yes, I asked him this)  His response was that he wanted one.  My response was, "you live in Buffalo.  You'll get to drive it a total of maybe 50 days out of the year."  He didn't care.  His excuse was that his father had seven cars....wait a minute...SEVEN??  Yes.  Seven cars, and my friend felt like he could have a third if he wanted it.

From there the conversation turned to how he had gifted a friend a $200 gift certificate to a local restaurant.  No, this was not the local Olive Garden, but a very high-end steak house.  A high-end steak house that my friend frequents at least once every month, and apparently drops that kind of cash for his meal with his wife each time.

Hey, I love a good steak - but really?  $200?  For TWO peop…

The Problem of Homework?

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to view a film titled Race To Nowhere.

A fascinating film, really, that discusses how our children are overworked within the school system with too high of expectations with too low of results.  To put it simply, the problem with children being in school for 7 or more hours a day followed by 2, 3, sometimes 4 hours of extracurricular activities, and then sitting down to homework in the evening.  Sometimes multiple hours worth of studying.

IF you are a high school ACTIVE high school student taking Advance Placement classes, you can easily see where this is a problem.  Thankfully, mine are still young, and my oldest has not found his extracurricular "bug" yet.  But there is the learning disadvantage that we have to struggle with on a daily basis, so yeah, there are extended periods of homework nearly every night in our house.  Or add to that when special projects are due.  Or (as we're experiencing this month), the dread…

Oh boy! Hold on tight!!

The month of February is going to a word...AMAZING!

On Fridays, beginning on February 3rd, NBC will air the premiere of Season 3 of Who Do You Think You Are.  LOVE the show, hate the celebrity-ism (is that a word?).  Let me clarify...I LOVE that it's a Friday night and genealogy is on Prime-Time television on one of the "big 3" networks.  Quite honestly, it's the perfect night to have the girls over, eat a whole load of junk food and get your genealogy fix.'s all of the celebrities.  And the "ease" in which their family history, and stories, and ancestral photos are just handed to them by the (a subscription they didn't have to pay for), and the archivists (that they simply had to hop their private jet and fly off to meet).

Genealogy is NOT that quick and NOT that easy.  It takes patience, diligence, and sometimes you just can't get that record you desperately want at the very moment that you want it because it tak…

I Have Super-Powers! Who-Knew?

My oldest spawn is 11 years old.  Most days, it takes everything I have in me to not physically try and "knock" some sense into him.  It's a lesson in patience that I'm very slow in learning.  I know it would be helpful if I could just look at life through his eyes, and I try (sometimes) to be more understanding with the way his brain tries to think, rationalize, and make sense of the day-to-day activities.

By doing this...looking at things through his beautiful blue-gray eyes, I've come to the realization that he apparently believes that I have this unknown (to me)set of super powers.  I only wish someone would have told me before now that I possess this amazing abilities.  Maybe the crazies wouldn't have been so crazy.

For instance - the power to "keep going" once the little monkies have gone to bed.  You know, keep doing all those mom things once those lil' darlins have settled in for a night's slumber.


Once they are tucked in, I…

Finally! A Useful App

First, I was able to go "mobile" with my genealogy when the laptop was placed in my lap.
And although yes, very handy to be able to take with me on my genealogy field trips, sometimes...even it can be a bit much.  There are also times when I'm thinking, reading, talking to someone, and a question will pop up about this or that ancestor of mine.
Yes, definately needed a smartphone app...and finally there is one. came through and released an app for iPhone and Android phones, and voila!!

...It took a few days to get the kinks worked out, but my tree is up and running and if you ever run into me on the street, and would like to know the line of relationship between - oh, say my 2nd cousin once removed and myself...I'll be happy to show you...on my phone...because I can now.

Have a fantastic weekend!!


Oh pffbbtt...

Okay, so my Special K challenge had a minor major set-back today.  The weather turned to poo, so there was no 2.5 mile walk.  And for whatever reason, I came home this afternoon, just very very thirsty....and the Mt. Dew just sounded so good, and it had been a really, really long time...
yeah, I drank 2 in about 1/2 hour.
Dinner was lasagna, which warranted a Pepsi.
And I was still starving after dinner...AFTER I had snacked on my Special K bar.  So I made popcorn... with a side of Mt. Dew (or two)
Believe me.  I know.
Tomorrow.  I start again.  Because I can.
Now - a friend had inquired about the Special K "Chocolaty Delight" flavor.  Just for the record I have tried it, and I honestly don't think it's real chocolate in that cereal.  It's just...ick.
I'm considering using the remains of the 5 lb. Hershey bar I received as a Christmas gift in my bowl of cereal...It's already been cut up into small squares...Really!

Special K Challenge - sorta

Months and months of eating too much chocolate, and drinking too much soda...has left me dissatisfied with my current state of...well, my current state.  So it was time to take the plunge and start the Special K challenge - you know, "lose a dress size in 2 weeks"

yeah, here's the thing...I really like to eat.  Real food - not just cereal and snack bars.  So I am making modifications.

First of all, physical activitiy is a must.  This is challenge #1.  I'm not big on exercise. What I mean to say is that in the time it takes me to go for a walk, or burn calories in a cardio-workout...I could very well have found a long lost ancestor from genealogy research in that amount of time!  And exercise is...exhausting.   And it makes me sweat.  And I hurt when it's all said and done.

Yes...I'm whining.

Second on the list - eating habits.  Quite honestly, mine suck. I like the yummy, tasty, soooo bad for you, kinds of foods.  Comfort food.  I also have a habit of wantin…

Certifiably Certifiable

My brother is currently in pursuit of his doctorate. When he graduates in 2013, he'll be able to proudly display the letters "Ph.D." behind his name. Following in my big brother's footsteps, I am - and have been for some time now - currently considering adding my own set of postnomials to my name....

Is your head spinning yet at all of those letters? To keep it simple, let's just say that I'm specifically looking at:

AG - Accredited Genealogist
CG - Certified Genealogist
PLCGS - Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies (Whew!!)
I decided to look into this when I realized how much I loved doing genealogy, and I'm of the belief that everyone should be able to do what they love doing, rather than spending their days being miserable at their job.  (Don't judge - I didn't say that I was miserable being "mom", I just think there's more out there for me to do now that the monkeys are…


Hello.  My name is Candy, and I'm a Bibliophile.

I love books.  Actual real books, not the e-book.  An e-book doesn't allow you to flip pages, or (god-forbid) dog-ear them to mark your page.  Yes...I turn that little corner over to mark the page where I've been reading. Don't hate me.

An e-book also doesn't allow me the opportunity to highlight the spectacular passages that I come across.  It doesn't matter if it's a novel, a reference book, or a text book...if it's good, I'm going to underline or take a highlighter to it.  My memory sucks quite honestly.  I need to mark it when it's good.

I love holding a big fat book in my hands.  I like to be able to find a place for it on my bookshelf.  I want to be able to open it up to that front blank page and emboss it with my "from the library of..." embosser.  (Yes, I have one and it's fabulous!)

I don't want a Nook, unless it's a little corner that I curl up and read in.

I don&#…

One of those days...

Did you ever just have of THOSE days?

The kids went back to school, Mr. D. went back to work, today was supposed to be easy and good and about getting back on target.



It was too cold to be easy.  Anytime I stepped outside it just became harder and harder to ...exist.  Single degree temps only make me want to crawl back into bed. yeah, it was good - kids being back in school and all.  It was the first time in the last 10 days my house was....




It was almost as good as 1st day of school good! That's how good it was.

But....Getting back on target?  Eh.

I just kept missing my target all day long.  Oh I tried, but I was just...."OFF"  a little bit, all day long.  In the past month I became accustomed....spoiled, really in finding said target and accomplishing what needed to be done...well, most of the time....but still fairly successful.

Tomorrow?  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to find my focus and my little wor…

New Year

With the New Year comes....resolutions?  nah.  I've never been able to keep them. (I've read the book of Genesis soooo many times in the hopes of reading through my bible each year.)

Diet?  Exercise?  nope.  They've always worked out as well as my resolutions.  (These hopelessly last all of 2 days at best)

But with the new year, usually comes a new mindset.  It's almost like, "Okay, this is your chance to try again...let's see what you can do with it!"

So I'm quite confident that this year will bring a change...a change for the better.Whether it's a complete change, or just the start of something that will turn out to be better in the end - well that remains to be seen.  I don't own a crystal ball, and I've never been big on the prophesy end of things.  And the "How" and the "When" aren't completely up to me.  So this leaves me to play a bit of a waiting game.


Not my favorite thing to do, as my patience level…