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That's the one word that describes the weekend I just returned from.  (Okay, so maybe it's technically TWO words, but since it is hyphenated, that counts, right?)

After just returning home from NY State PTAs annual convention, I HAVE to sit here and get some thoughts down before too much time passes.  It was inspiring, exciting, motivating, and just chock-full of "aha!" moments where I was challenged personally.

To be fair, there was a point when I was more nervous than I cared to let on.  Being a part of the Resolutions Committee, this weekend was the moment when all of our team's hard work came to a head with our work placed in front of the delegates for discussion, possible debate, and hopefully their approval.  This was work that we began on this year's resolutions in June, and there may have been a collective breath of relief when the final update was accepted and passed by our membership.

However, when I wasn't in the Resolutions Zone, I was being …