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A Disappointed Advocate

***The following post represents MY personal thoughts, and should not be considered as representative of any unit, group, or association.

I am a PTA member.   

That makes me a member of my local unit, my Regional PTA, the New York State PTA, and also the National PTA.  I've been a member for eight years, and seven of those years have been spent volunteering as an officer in my local unit.  That's right, I jumped in head-first and never looked back.  I don't remember why I felt such an urge to join...I had heard rumblings and rumors trying to sway me away from becoming a part of this group, but I knew that I wanted to be involved with what my three monkey children were doing...really involved. So I took the plunge and dove right in.

Today, however, public education is an entirely different animal, and I am a completely different PTA member than who I was when I first started on this journey many years ago. 

Eight years ago, the Common Core didn't exist and I wasn't even…