Special K Challenge - sorta

Months and months of eating too much chocolate, and drinking too much soda...has left me dissatisfied with my current state of...well, my current state.  So it was time to take the plunge and start the Special K challenge - you know, "lose a dress size in 2 weeks"

yeah, here's the thing...I really like to eat.  Real food - not just cereal and snack bars.  So I am making modifications.

First of all, physical activitiy is a must.  This is challenge #1.  I'm not big on exercise. What I mean to say is that in the time it takes me to go for a walk, or burn calories in a cardio-workout...I could very well have found a long lost ancestor from genealogy research in that amount of time!  And exercise is...exhausting.   And it makes me sweat.  And I hurt when it's all said and done.

Yes...I'm whining.

Second on the list - eating habits.  Quite honestly, mine suck. I like the yummy, tasty, soooo bad for you, kinds of foods.  Comfort food.  I also have a habit of wanting to eat late at night while researching.  With my butt in the recliner.  This is bad.  Very, very bad.

So, challenge #2 - Lose the bad (although yummy) late night snacks, unless it's part of the Special K program.  Yes...I've already cheated on this challenge...but not by completely reverting and ignoring, just ....eating less.   And that has turned out to be the perfect motivation to just get back on track the next evening (or I just simply give up and go to bed - no refrigerator in the bedroom!)

Challenge #3 - Drinking less soda - specifically, limiting myself to one can a day.  This is a tough one for me, I was drinking maybe 3, sometimes even 4 (yikes, that sounds horrible to admit that!).  

I began this challenge non-officially last Friday, officially on Saturday.

Friday - 1/2 hour cardio to motivate me to start the program Saturday.
Saturday - 10 minutes cardio.  Sad, yes I know.  I told you I hate exercise.  But I had 2 bowls of Special K, a snack bar, and a normal 3rd meal - so I met the eating habits part of my challenge.

Sunday - bad day.  Ate out...at Wendy's.  Pizza for dinner that night.  Comfort food TWICE in one day...and soda with both meals.   No exercise.  Yeah...bad day.

Monday - Walked 3 miles!!  (I know, I was kind-of impressed myself!)  Comfort food was under control, and maintained the soda limit!

Tuesday - Another 2.5 miles, and definately noticing a difference in the crappy food intake.

Today (Wednesday) - Walked 2 miles, still eating less and eating better, soda intake down.

Not bad, right?  Yeah, that's what I thought - but those moments of weakness that I had early on...they worried me a bit.  Would the Wendy's burger and Pan Pizza counter-act all the hard work on the other days?

Nope!  Down 4 pounds since Saturday!  (Doin' the happy dance - woot, woot!)

I have a long ways to go...a lot of hungry grumpy days ahead of me, a lot of sweat to burn excess calories, and I promise that I will not bore you with details of every pound gained or lost along the way.

At least not every day.



Lorri said…
Isn't there a chocolate flavored Speical K? If not, there should be!