Oh boy! Hold on tight!!

The month of February is going to be...in a word...AMAZING!

On Fridays, beginning on February 3rd, NBC will air the premiere of Season 3 of Who Do You Think You Are.  LOVE the show, hate the celebrity-ism (is that a word?).  Let me clarify...I LOVE that it's a Friday night and genealogy is on Prime-Time television on one of the "big 3" networks.  Quite honestly, it's the perfect night to have the girls over, eat a whole load of junk food and get your genealogy fix.

But...it's all of the celebrities.  And the "ease" in which their family history, and stories, and ancestral photos are just handed to them by the Ancestry.com (a subscription they didn't have to pay for), and the archivists (that they simply had to hop their private jet and fly off to meet).

Genealogy is NOT that quick and NOT that easy.  It takes patience, diligence, and sometimes you just can't get that record you desperately want at the very moment that you want it because it takes time to write to, wait for, and yes, sometimes even pay through the nose for.

Still love the show, still thrilled that everyone else in the normal world will be able to get a glimpse of what it is that makes me slightly nutty.  Just slightly frustrated that it is made to look SO easy.

In addition to that, I just signed on for another blog challenge today.  NaBloPoMo went so well (it did go well didn't it?), I'm going to make an attempt in writing something...ANYTHING in regards to my family's history everyday of the month of February.   The idea being that anything written is one step closer and actually getting it done, rather than just talking about it.

So beware...February 1st, this party is going to become very historical and very genealogical.

Can you handle it??