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Choosing to Refuse

I'm the parent.  I have been placed into this role by the Creator Himself to raise these three AMAZING and unique individuals to the absolute best of my ability.  I have decisions to make on a daily basis that will affect their lives...sometimes in ways that they (or others) may think to be unfair, but hopefully,  mostly in a way that will enrich their lives and eventually lead them to become creative, intelligent, thinking, responsible people.

As the parent, one of these decisions that I have made is for my son to "Opt Out" of his state mandated testing in school this year.

(Right now, many of you are thinking, "Whaaa...?  You can do that?")

I'm certain many parents aren't aware of the option, but more importantly aren't aware of the sheer number of these tests that our children are taking.  Some of the parents I've begun speaking with want more information on this option and the tests. it is.  Consider this your "need to know&q…

Hello old friend...

I haven't written in...forever.

Okay, not TECHNICALLY forever...but it's been awhile.

My time has been consumed by various things, and that has left very minimal time for writing, let alone the time to put two or more coherent thoughts together that I could possibly write about.

I have a genealogy project that I'm way behind on, but I'm rationalizing that since I'm not getting paid to do this project, it's okay that my "real life" has had to come first, and this project has been put on hold.  But that's not a very ethical practice to get in the habit of as a future certifiably certified genealogist, so it's on my "to-do" list for spring break.  It will get finished!

I'm also insanely involved as a "PTA-Super Parent" (yes, I've actually been called that.)  Events at my kids' elementary school, and playing the role of PTSA treasurer not only at my building level, but also at the executive level for the school dist…