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"Snovember 2014"

We were responsible.  We were prepared.  We were ready.
The cars were filled with gas.  I had gotten groceries just a few days prior.  I even had a plan of "family fun" for the monkey children.  We would bake cookies!  Play board games!  Build snowmen and snow forts and have snow ball fights!
We're Buffalo.  This is what we're known for, and it's what we do.  

It's Buffalo. It Snows. Deal with it.
Well maybe if you're not getting an entire season's worth of snow within a 3 day span!
I'm sitting here midway through Day 3.  That's 3 days of snow falling.  A LOT of snow.  Where I live, the snow is higher than me.  (okay, I'm all of 5 foot 2 inches, every place has snowbanks higher than me.)
There are travel bans all over - you know, IF you can actually dig your car out and drive somewhere.  Which you can't.  And if you do decide to be one of those few who make your way out into the street against the wishes of the local government…