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Don't Blink.

I have these "mom moments" when, despite all the crazies of my life with three monkey children, one (or more) of them will do or say something, or have a moment when I'm stopped in my tracks, and I catch myself looking at the individual that they are becoming right before me.  At the same time, I find myself remembering the littles that they once were...and not knowing what happened to all of that "in-between-time".

My "mom moments" typically last all of 15 seconds.  Just long enough for the tears to begin to well up in my eyes as I remember with pride...and then I move on with life.

But somehow ...


First-born monkey child is 16 years old.  Officially closer to 17 than he is 15.  Not yet driving, but there are rumors that will be happening ... soon.


He's a Junior in high school.  When did that happen?


Today we're heading out for our first college visit.


This morning, my 15-second "mom moment" became 10 mi…