On Cars, Steak, & Hockey....and $$$$

I was speaking with an aquaintance today and somehow (for the life of me, I can't even think now how this topic came up)...somehow the topic came around to the fact that he had just bought a Corvette.

A Corvette.  Really?

Ummm...why?? (Yes, I asked him this)  His response was that he wanted one.  My response was, "you live in Buffalo.  You'll get to drive it a total of maybe 50 days out of the year."  He didn't care.  His excuse was that his father had seven cars....wait a minute...SEVEN??  Yes.  Seven cars, and my friend felt like he could have a third if he wanted it.

From there the conversation turned to how he had gifted a friend a $200 gift certificate to a local restaurant.  No, this was not the local Olive Garden, but a very high-end steak house.  A high-end steak house that my friend frequents at least once every month, and apparently drops that kind of cash for his meal with his wife each time.

Hey, I love a good steak - but really?  $200?  For TWO people?

Dude.  It's just a cow.

The final straw in this financially draining conversation was when he let me know that he had laid out $9000 - yes, THOUSAND - for a suite at the hockey arena.  "10 seats!  $900 each"  (Yes, I can do the math, I get that.)  What I don't get is why? When you can sit ANYWHERE else in that arena...probably a better view...for a fraction of that cost.  And I don't even like hockey, but I felt compelled to help this poor shmuck find his financial freedom from frivolous spending!

Unfortunately...this friendship is based on more of a business relationship then it is a personal friendship, so even though talking money is a very personal thing, apparently it's not for him as much as it is for me.  And since I still need to continue our business relationship, I simply wished him a good day and went on my way.

But tonight I sit here and I wonder if I'm missing out on anything.  Am I losing out because I can't zip around in a sporty convertible with the wind blowing through my hair?  Nah.  The wind-blown look doesn't really work for me.

I may be salivating at the thought of what a $40 steak might actually taste like, but the cuts I buy at Aldi will work on those days to satisfy that craving.

Oh...and that box suite for the hockey games.  Come on.  It's hockey.  Nope.  Definately not missing out on anything there.