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Bittersweet Change...

Change is good - that's what I've been told, and for the most part, I think I really believe that. (I said, for the most part.)

Almost 10 years ago, I was pregnant with our first child. And in preparation for his impending arrival, we worked hard getting that little nursery "just right", including setting up the crib. Big D slept in that crib for his first 3 years before moving into his big-boy bed, and we took apart and stored away the baby crib.

A new house, and a year later the crib was once again set a new room, awaiting the arrival of the princess. I remember standing in the doorway of this nursery with my hand on my belly feeling very blessed that I would soon be the mommy of a little girl, and this would be a room for a princess!

The princess room was put on hold, because quicker than we knew what had hit, the princess was soon to be sharing her castle with baby #3!! Wanting to keep "the babies" on the 1st floor for the middle of the night m…

GTV = Genealogy Television

If I had the resources to do it, I would find a way create a new channel on my Verizon FIOS tv line-up. All genealogy, all the time. GTV. This past week came pretty close to such a dream.

For the past 4 weeks, I've been tuning in on Wednesdays at 8pm to Faces of America. One host, 12 well-known (or at least semi well-known) Americans, and their stories of where their families came from. Sadly, it was only a 4-episode deal, and this week's episode was the final one.

I was also alerted a few weeks ago to BYU Television (Yes, as in Brigham Young and the Latter Day Saints). They have a weekly airing of a series titled, The Generations Project

No celebrities, no hype...just real people and their own search for where they've come from.

Finally, last night premiered another new series that was probably the most hyped up and talked about series in every family historian's mind. Those of us in the genealogy world had heard about it and anticipated it for many months. It …

Young and in love

December 2, 1944 and these two lovebirds had just "tied the knot." It didn't hit me until my last visit home and getting to look through "the trunk" again just how young they really were. My grandfather has always looked young, but when I realized that they were just 17 & 18 years old, newlyweds, and he was getting ready to enter into the absolutely crazy they must've been about each other at the time.