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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's finally happened...and now that it has, the pressure is on - in a really big way!

In case you don't know my history of contributing / helping with the family Thanksgiving dinner, let me briefly fill you in. (Most are chronicled on this blog if you'd like to read for yourself.)  I get to be the "responsible" one who brings the cool whip, the napkins, the 2 liters of soda, or the dinner rolls.  That pretty much sums it up each year.  Not that I have minded, it takes a lot of pressure off to not have to come up with something completely amazing and perfect that would fit in with the delicious feast prepared for us each year.  Still, it makes me wonder about my own cooking abilities sometimes.

A few weeks ago, it hit me that I really needed to take lessons from Momma D. on her mastery in cooking her fantastically fabulous Thanksgiving dinner.  I may have mentioned on here before that she did attempt this with me...once.  But it's what she does with those ext…

All In The Family

The other day, I was scouring the internet looking for information on a cemetery in a nearby town.  (It's what I do, I look up dead people, okay?  Don't judge me.)  Today I can't even tell you what cemetery I was looking for.  I got a little sidetracked.

In the course of looking for this now unknown to me cemetery, I came across the information that this town's library carried my family's name with it.  The Hulbert Library.

It made my eyebrow raise.

It made me bite my lip.

It brought to the surface feelings inside of me that I hadn't felt in a long time.  Feelings of "I need to research...NOW!"

This town is only about 20 minutes down the road from me, and a library with the same name as my family last name, well there certainly had to be a connection.  Right?  Only problem is that the ancestors that I had researched in the state of New York, had never settled in Erie County (before me) and certainly not in the town of Springville.  But it was only abou…