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I've always been a fan of the first day of school.   That day when the monkey children can no longer sleep in until the afternoon sun begins to pass over the house, and they manage to find 18,000 ways to do absolutely nothing all day.  Hey, I'll admit that I drop the ball every summer at providing structure and making sure my kids amount to more than mere slugs over their summer vacation. This summer proved to be no different, as the first day of school has snuck up on me yet again.  The past eight weeks flew by with little to no structure happening and 3 very happy slugs slugging their way through each lazy summer's day.
Today starts a new school year, and there's a certain level of excitement in the air.  We are no longer an elementary school household!  At our school district, the elementary years are K-5, and if you send your kids to our District PreK program, that's 7 years in the same building, multiplied by multiple's an eternity as an elem…