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January 7. 2014 - #Blizzard2014

I've been watching it come across the country.  I've been watching the social networking posts of friends and family in the midwest as they dealt with more snow than what they're used to and severe plummeting temperatures.  I knew that it was coming my way, but I was prepared to deal with it.  Because, after all, it's Buffalo.  It snows.  Deal with it.

This morning I awoke to the sound of the wind still howling and the snow still blowing, and we were in "official" blizzard status.  Mr. D. still went off to work because apparently Federal employees are immune to the travel bans that are issued by local agencies which limit driving to only medical essential personnel.  I sent him on his way with the promise that I would not come bail him out if he was pulled over for being on the road when he shouldn't be.

Now, here's my complaint...

BAN means "to prohibit".  A driving ban means no driving unless you are a county essential employee or medical …