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Butteflies everywhere....

Today is a certain princess' birthday. Thankfully, we've already been through the whole "princess" party theme, but as I am the queen of my home, she is still and will always be known as the princess.

We're keeping it pretty low-key this year with her party. Just the party-o-five, and her grandparents will be celebrating. Oh yeah, and a few hundred butterflies. Somehow she's gotten into a butterfly mode. I don't know how since it's fall, it's chilly, and butterflies won't be seen for months around here. Whatever the reason, we've got butterflies this year on presents, packaging, cake, and even the treats I made for her to take into her class to share today.

Teachers frown on the cupcake thing - they're too messy. We did brownies last year for kindergarten, so being the non-crafty, uninspired mom that I am, we went with rice krispie treats. Then I got this completely remarkable idea to use a butterfly cookie cutter to cut them out…

40 Days - #1

Safe to say, we're all surviving!

Day 1 (Friday) meant we were fasting sweets & desserts. In the mind of a 4, 5, and 10 year old this is a very big deal. Bagels for breakfast instead of Fruit Loops, and fruit was packed in the lunches for school instead of cookies or pudding. Amazingly enough, my kids - AGAIN - accepted, if not enjoyed, this new habit without complaint.

I was handling my day without sweets fairly well...mostly due to major sinus issues that were kicking my butt for the 4th day in a row. I didn't want anything sweet, I only wanted soup, tylenol, and my bed. I hadn't been able to breathe for 4 days, my eyes felt like they were exploding out of my head, and my head seemed to be on the verge of exploding itself.

On the eve of day #1 I found myself at home with the kids fast asleep in their beds, and I was ready to mentally break down over the horrible way I was still feeling, and had been feeling most of the week. That night I watched via live stream…

40 Days - the beginning.

I was going to journal about this in my actual journal, but when I opened it and realized that I hadn't journaled in almost a year and a half, I decided to stay all modern and tech-savvy, and blog my experience instead. These 40 days, although very personal, I believe are meant to be shared so others can see what God is doing and how He's moving.

Let me go back a few weeks...

A woman I know...a woman who has been in my home in her wheelchair...this woman got up out of her wheelchair and walked for the first time in 23 years. (You can watch this miracle here.) We are rejoicing with her and her Alabama church family. Since then, another church family has also been experiencing God in incredible ways with people being healed right before their eyes.

It's time.

Last week, we got word that our church was going to begin a time of prayer and fasting for 40 days. I had many thoughts initially - the first being more of an inward groan. Make no mistake, I enjoy what I eat an…