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My Child Will Not Be Labeled This Way

Test scores arrived today.  I wasn't dreading them, in fact you might say I was anxiously awaiting them.  I wanted to once and for all, put my daughter's testing experience to bed.  Last spring, she sat for her first experience with New York state's assessments.  If I have anything to say about it, I would like to say that last spring my daughter also sat for her LAST experience with New York state's assesments.

I don't write because I'm upset with her scores.  I honestly don't care about them.  I won't tell her about them, she doesn't even know they arrived in the mail.  I am upset because these scores will not be useful for her education.  They will be used to score the teachers at her school in their Annual Professional Performance Review. 8 year old was used.   I'm told that the scores will be used to help "guide instruction."  I'm not sure how.  We're 3 weeks into the school year, the teachers know what they will…