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This Is Why...

Last week I was stretched further than I ever could have thought my life would lead.  I slept fewer hours, advocated for my kids more, and fought harder for my district this past week than I ever have before.   Tonight I'm exhausted and yet sleep is still not close by.  I have a full night ahead of me as I begin the initial stages of planning a Book Fair and a number of other odds and ends to finish up.

Sometimes I begin to doubt myself.  Am I doing the right thing?  What motivates me to do what I'm doing? Why have I become so involved?

I'm involved because this is my children's education.  I demand to be involved in the process, and it's my right as their parent.  I've said it before that I firmly believe I am their best advocate, and NO ONE will fight as hard for them for what is best for them.  We picked our home to buy because of the elementary school in the back yard.  I've written before on how much I love this village.  Safe to say, I have zero inte…

For My Kids

I've been nursing a migraine for about 20 hours.  It could be for a multitude of reasons.  It could be this crazy warm fall weather wreaking havoc on my sinuses.  More than likely it's not.

It's no secret I fight for my kids.  I fight for the very best that is offered to them. I fight to make sure that their education is the very best opportunity for them.  If I don't stand up for them...who will?

This morning I looked at my children with fresh eyes (maybe they were a little cloudy and groggy due to the early morning hours).  I looked at them and realized that despite the pain in my head and the nausea forming in my stomach, this fight is worth it.  My children are worth it.

I continue to stand up for what I believe is the right thing to do for their education, and by placing myself in what could be seen as the minority, may very well affect any hopes I have a being a future school board member. Perhaps that wasn't in His plan after all?

That remains to be seen.