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I am an Advocate

Those who know me personally, know that I am passionate about my own kids' education.  I believe that, without a doubt, no one will advocate on their behalf more than I will.  That passion rolls over to their elementary, middle, and high schools, to our school district, and to students everywhere who deserve to have someone looking out for them, making certain they have healthy and safe options and opportunities in education and their community.
So what happens when 200 of the most die-hard and like-minded advocates for students from across the state of New York State get together for the weekend in one location?

Leaders are born and inspired, and change begins to happen.

As the current Vice-President of my son's elementary school PTSA, and having also been recently appointed to serve my Regional PTA Board as the Education Chair (Because apparently I actually enjoy reading and keeping tabs on what's happening in education!), it just made sense to accept the invitation to…