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Almost Wordless Wednesday....

Split-rail fencing on a Gettysburg battlefield

Seeing the Forest Through The Trees

It's right here in front of me and it's a good thing. Actually it's a great thing. Inspiring...encouraging...And it's right here in front of me.

I have a new camera that takes amazing photos. It does it...not me. I can zoom in on my kids' faces, or a particular flower bloom - the camera will focus, the shutter will release and I have an incredible photo. But it's other times, when I'm trying to take a picture from off in the distance...a landscape...Sometimes I'll look into the distance, and I can't find what it is that I'm aiming towards.

It was like that today. Standing at the edge of a forest. A mass of trees in front of me. I knew the photo was there right in front of my face but I couldn't find my focal point.

And became clear. Right in front of me, I could look up and see. My green eyes staring up into a field of blue ... and it was exactly what I knew it would be. The perfect moment. My camera didn't capture …