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Vacation Can Be Exhausting!

Over the last 8 days, my favorite mailman (my hubby) has been on vacation.

It's been absolutely exhausting for me.

First of all you have to understand that I classify myself as a hermit by nature. I like to stay in my little house as much as possible away from all of the freaky people this world has to offer. He is a little bit more of a social butterfly.

Secondly, we very rarely have ever gone on "real" vacations. Sure, we've taken the weekends away for quick trips here or there. But we're not your typical vacationing family who packs for a week and takes off to some fun-filled spot or exotic land far away. It just doesn't happen.

This year, we were the stay-cationers. We stayed home, and each day I swear that man woke up with the thought of "Ooh! We should go HERE today!" or "I'd love to take the kids and do THIS today!" I would wake up (still tired from the previous days adventures) and wonder why in the world I still haven't develo…