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What WAS That??

This particular post will probably go entirely too long. Consider yourself warned. In fact there is nothing informative or probably even at all entertaining about what you are about to read. It is simply a way for me to vent and release over the craziness that took over my life for nearly 36 hours.

Tuesday morning I woke up and did the usual thing - getting the kids ready for school and out the door. As soon as the last one was on the bus, I thought it would be a good day for my newly formed Timmy's habit, so I grabbed a book and headed out. Yes, it was a delight as usual, but after a bit, it became busy, hustled, and bustled and I knew it was time to come home. As I was soon to find out...that was my last calming moment for many hours to come.

I arrived home, ready to tackle my June Cleaver-esque tasks of the day. But before long, hubby showed up at home with a request to run his cell phone up to the Verizon store as it appeared to have "died" for no reason. Off I …

Timmy Ho's!

I'm not a coffee drinker. Never have been, don't ever see it happening in the future. And except for a few short weeks while I was pregnant when I actually craved the stuff, I've never felt the desire to pick up a cup of coffee.

That being said, I do not frequent the Tim Horton's establishments around here all that often. I walk in - I smell coffee. I go through the drive through to grab a dozen donuts for the family, it smells like coffee. I have friends who like to gather to just "chit-chat" or have girl time, and they do it at Horton's. I don't go. I'm told "You can get hot chocolate there!" I have a box of Swiss Miss here at home in my cupboard, thank you very much. And I haven't even told you about the line-up of cars that wraps around the building in the morning!

Yeesh, people and their Timmy Ho's.

This morning, I ventured out. It was a gorgeous day, the kind of day that you just can't help but smile at. I grabb…