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Florence, Massachusetts

My writing has taken a, not even a detour. It's a full-on road block. All because of this monster of a map. It's evil. Just look at it! I know that I'm looking at it the right direction, because the heading is at the top of the page. And yet...the left side property owners are all upside down. The right side property owners are all facing sideways.

Forget getting dizzy trying to turn the page in whichever direction you're reading. It's actually trying to read the thing that gives me a headache. It's just a monster.

But this is where I'm at in my family history narrative and I can't move forward until I get this map out of the way.

I've found my ancestor's lands that were owned on the map - easy breezy. But I have to wonder if there aren't other researchers out there like me, who aren't so lucky to be able to decipher the handwriting? Wouldn't I love to find this map alongside a new one...redone,…

103 Genealogy Things

Is this my "Bucket List"? I don't know about that. Maybe. But if nothing else it's a great indication of how much work I have in front of me to gain some much needed genealogical experience. Everything that I've done personally, I've bolded.

103 Genealogy Things

1. Belong to a genealogical society
2. Joined a group on Genealogy Wise.
3. Transcribed records.
4. Uploaded headstone pictures to Find-A-Grave or a similar site
5. Documented ancestors for four generations (self, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents)
6. Joined Facebook.

7. Cleaned up a run-down cemetery.
8. Joined the Genea-Bloggers Group.
9. Attended a genealogy conference.
10. Lectured at a genealogy conference.
11. Spoke on a genealogy topic at a local genealogy society/local library’s family history group.
12. Joined the National Genealogical Society.
13. Contributed to a genealogy society publication.
14. Served on the board or as an officer of a genealogy society.
15. Got lost on the w…

I will not cry...I will NOT cry.

I know I just wrote in my last post that I wasn't big on doing the "Mom Blog" thing. (Nothing wrong with those blogs...I follow a few of them myself, and they're written by incredibly talented women.) Well guess who's about to have a Mom moment. Consider that your warning.

Today was the day I had been waiting for...for years! Last year was a teaser. Sending my youngest off to preschool was an amazing moment for me and my sanity, but it was only a short 2 1/2 hours later when his bus would return him home. I loved seeing him come home of course, but the whole year was just a tease as to what would be...what WOULD be - THIS YEAR!

Happy First Day of School!

My day began an hour earlier than last year. My oldest is now in a different school, has to catch a bus, and therefore needs to be ready to go an hour earlier. I'm considering my options of letting him make his own lunch and I'll sleep in for that hour.

I didn't really think that I would walk hi…

Writer's Block

I've lost focus? My "mojo"? (I'm not sure I even know what that is!) My Muse? Do I even have a muse?

Ugh...whatever it is...I've lost it.

I enjoy writing and the outlet that it gives me. I won't make the mistake of assuming I'm any good at it, but I do know basic rules of grammar, I'm a fairly good speller, and I can put a sentence together fairly well. So yeah, (yes) I guess I'd like to think I'm capable of writing.

I live with 3 little people who will do or say something new & funny. Every. Single. Day. But I don't necessarily want to become a "mom blogger". Let's face it - sometimes what I think is funny and cute just doesn't appeal to non-family members. (Sometimes, it doesn't even appeal to actual family members!)

I also love writing about my family's history as I research and discover it. I've been attempting to bring life to my ancestors for some time now. It's not an e…