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Christmas 2013

I sit here writing - somewhat contemplative, but mostly having arrived in that official "aaaahhhh" moment of the day.  The excitement of the day combined with too much good food, Mr. D. and I have separated ourselves from the monkey children, he on his iPad, and I here on my Mac while the children are entertaining themselves with their various forms of Christmas "fun".

I should preface this by saying that I'm absolutely thankful for this day every year.  I anticipate it just like a little child - the decorations, the baking, the season full of surprises, and remembering that above it all, we wouldn't be lavishing such love on our family and friends had we not been loved so incredibly ourselves with the birth of a babe 2000 years ago.

But (don't you hate that word?) I find myself slightly melancholy this year.  Despite the anticipation leading up to today, I found myself, more than once, feeling a hint of that depression that we will often hear rises up…