New Year

With the New Year comes....resolutions?  nah.  I've never been able to keep them. (I've read the book of Genesis soooo many times in the hopes of reading through my bible each year.)

Diet?  Exercise?  nope.  They've always worked out as well as my resolutions.  (These hopelessly last all of 2 days at best)

But with the new year, usually comes a new mindset.  It's almost like, "Okay, this is your chance to try again...let's see what you can do with it!"

So I'm quite confident that this year will bring a change...a change for the better.Whether it's a complete change, or just the start of something that will turn out to be better in the end - well that remains to be seen.  I don't own a crystal ball, and I've never been big on the prophesy end of things.  And the "How" and the "When" aren't completely up to me.  So this leaves me to play a bit of a waiting game.


Not my favorite thing to do, as my patience level barely exists on most days.

But I just have to believe...and I hold onto the knowledge that in the end, this will all be worth the wait.