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Time to Dance!

Do you have a shopping list like this in your house?

36- #2 pencils
3 pair of scissors
14 glue sticks
5 boxes of tissues
3 highlighters
4 composition notebooks
6 dry erase markers
3 pink erasers
2 boxes of 24 crayons
2 boxes of washable markers
USB flash drive
5 binders
3 packages of dividers
9 folders
4 pkgs of filler paper
writing pens
colored pencils
3 hole zipper pouch
2 supply boxes
single subject notebook
12-inch metric ruler
post it notes
art cover up

The USB flash drive was my first dose of reality that we're not just in elementary school any longer. My oldest heads off to middle school in a few weeks, and wow! What a difference in the school supply list!

But really, how exciting is this time of year? I love it. I love back to school shopping just as much now as I did when I was a kid! I really do enjoy all the new notebooks, boxes of crayons and sharpening pencils for the very first time....

I also love knowing that very soon...30 days to be exact...all 3 of my children will be out of the house an…