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Orange Jell-O

Three days before Christmas, and here I am with my teenager as he recovers from having a wisdom tooth removed.

Yep.  A single wisdom tooth.  We both know it could be so much worse, but given that the teenager still has a mouth full of corrective metal (otherwise known as "orthodontia"), the surgeon suggested only removing the one tooth that could be counter-productive to the straightening process.

So we've been preparing for today.  Planning the soft foods that he may want to eat when he's ready to attempt eating again.  Soup, applesauce, pudding, milkshakes, Jell-O...

But for whatever reason, my kids have never taken to Jell-O.  It was the "go-to" food when I was sick as a kid, and it didn't matter what illness I was suffering from, gelatin was the cure.  The flu meant you got orange Jell-O  - because the red was just {ugh} when it came back up.  But if I was ailing with a non-regurgitating variety - like perhaps, a sore throat? Or one of the many Os…