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Dear Grandma

It was just five short days ago when I hugged you goodbye and told you I loved you.

Today I wish I could have just one more hour with you.

I think we should have tea, for you were the one to gift me my first tea set as a young girl.  I'm certain that it was probably mere water and crackers that we dined on outside on that sunny day for our impromptu tea party, but we "clinked" tea cups and raised our pinky fingers as if we were at a proper garden party.

However, knowing our shared love of family history, I would also take the opportunity to ask you to name every wife, every child, and every grandchild of all of those "Hulbert boys".  Lord knows, I've heard their names so many times in your house as you would update on how the family was doing.

But this time I would write it down.

I would listen intently as you relayed to me the Hulbert family that you've researched for years.  I know I've researched it too, but you were our original family historian…