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11 years ago today, I sat at my doctor's office when he told me that I was probably going to lose the baby that I was carrying at that time. I remember very little about that day other than having to leave his office and go to my mother-in-law's for some reason or another, and try to keep my emotions in check while we were there. He didn't want to say anything because there was nothing to be said (yet), and I didn't want to say anything, because I couldn't even think about what was going on without bursting into tears, I couldn't imagine having to put it into words and tell someone.

I remember thinking at the time "This is it...this is the time when God is going to work a miracle, and I'm going to be living proof of it! This baby will survive, despite what the doctor has told me, and despite what I saw on the ultrasound screen."

I didn't get that miracle.

At least not the one I thought I wanted. Not right then.

My miracle is upstairs right…