Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things About Me!

This has been making it's rounds within my Facebook world, but I decided to post my list here instead. 25 things about me that you didn't know, you did know but forgot you knew, or you didn't know and you probably wish you didn't know now!

In no particular order:
  1. I love my Savior! When it gets to be a truly personal relationship is when it's a really wonderful thing!
  2. I've been on a missions trip to Honduras - which was also my first experience on an airplane, and giving my testimony in front of people. And it didn't kill me! (now, something I ate...that's a different story!)
  3. I love to turn up praise music and dance around my house - it's my "David danced" moment!
  4. I love to turn up the soundtrack from the musical "Wicked", singing aloud at the top of my lungs and pretend that I can sing as well as Idina Menzel!
  5. I have three children in heaven who I will one day see again.
  6. Favorite Food - Enchiladas
  7. Favorite Movie - Somewhere In Time
  8. Favorite Song - "I Love You Lord", so simple.
  9. I love studying Biblical Apologetics.
  10. I hate being treated like a child.
  11. I enjoy taking care of and doing things for those whom I love the most.
  12. I don't drink coffee, but prefer to get my caffeine from Mt. Dew (yes, even in the morning it's been known to happen.).
  13. My family's history is my hobby, and that often takes me wandering around cemeteries looking for great-great-great-great grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins. I've come to really enjoy looking at old headstones and learning about my ancestors' lives.
  14. My oldest friends are still my dearest and best friends.
  15. I used to be very musically inclined - 3 children later, I don't really remember what it is like to be in an organized group, vocally or instrumentally.
  16. There are days when ... ("What if's" can be haunting)
  17. Occasionally I like to just say "go for it" and watch my kids have a blast - whether it's jumping on my couch cushions, splashing in mud puddles outside or burying themselves in their snow forts. (But I still refuse to do the play-dough thing)
  18. Born and raised in Ohio, I didn't move to NY until I was 24. I will probably always consider myself a Buckeye at heart!
  19. I'm a pretty impatient person. I want what I want when I want it!
  20. I really do appreciate all four seasons of the year for their own unique beauty. (Although winter does get to be a little long)
  21. I can be just like a little kid when it gets close to Christmas!
  22. When I was a little girl, I went to the Ohio State Fair where my cousins were showing their pigs. I had the "priviledge" of meeting Bob Evans and Jimmy Dean (yes, of the sausage variety), got their autographs, and even got a kiss on the cheek from Jimmy Dean (My shining moment). The two of them then proceeded to have a bidding war over my cousin's pig...Bob Evans eventually buying the animal for $30,000! Seriously's just a pig!
  23. I am a junk food junkie, and I hate salad!
  24. I love the Buffalo Bills - even as they have stunk up the past decade or more.
  25. I know that I really am my mother's favorite child.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Enjoy it while it lasts!

It's mid-January, and I was able to go for a walk today. For the first time in weeks, it was not snowing, sleeting, or below freezing temperatures. And actually it was my daughter's idea last night: "Mom, can we walk to school tomorrow?" You know, why not?

So this morning, we hit the pavement for the first time in months. Myself, lil 'D, and the Princess hiked down the street and around the corner to her pre-K class, and then we turned around and did it again 2 1/2 hours later when her day was done. It was fun, it felt great to to be outside without the fear of frostbite kicking in, and it was my secret plan to get the monkey children wore out enough that they would practically beg me for a nap after lunch.

When I had mentioned to my girlfriend that I had been out for a walk this morning, she proclaimed in a single word, "Yuck".

Seriously?? Come on - when was the last time it was this nice outside? And let's be honest about our Buffalo weather, winter is a long excruciating season for us. So if we get one or two days here and there that the elements aren't working against us - I choose to enjoy what I can out of them and take advantage of it.

Enjoy it while it lasts!!

(Oh, and my secret plan worked! Monkey children slept for 3 solid hours - Again, enjoy it while it lasts!)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I See The Moon

My third grader has been studying the solar system for the past several weeks, and this week is his "big" test. So all week I've been re-learning everything about the planets, sun, and moon that I had either forgotten, or failed to learn the first time. For instance, did you know that the moon reflects the sun's light? Simple little fact, but one that I didn't know, or didn't realize that I knew. Now I certainly didn't think that God was up there shining a great big spotlight on it getting it to light up the sky at night, but I just never realized that it's light source was from the sun. (Give me a little credit!)

Okay, there are so many theological ideas in that - but I'm not going there. But it's amazing to realize that as the day is ending and the sun is still shining in the afternoon in say...Waco, Texas (hi mom!), and here in the deep freeze the night sky is already starting to settle in for the evening. But the same sun that warmed each of us that day is now helping to light up the sky by bouncing it's light off the us both the opportunity to look up at night, and even though we're miles apart, say good-night to each other.

So to all of my dear friends and loved family members who are far away, tonight when you look out at the night sky and into the face of the man on the moon - know that I'm smiling and saying good-night to you too!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goin' on a picnic...

...I just recently reconnected with a dear old friend from my high school years. I was told that talking to me was like sitting and chatting on a picnic table with a good friend (or something to that effect...) whatever his exact words, it was an enjoyable thought.

Shouldn't that be what good relationships are about? No matter how much time goes by, when you finally do get the chance to catch up with each other, shouldn't they be that easy - and it's almost like you can pick up right where you left off the last time you talked? (even if it was almost 20 years ago!)

I treasure the friendships I have today, but those ones from high school are where my memories are fondly kept and stored away. Those years are the ones that I will one day tell my kids about. As I've been in Western New York for almost 12 years now, my children really have little knowledge about the time I lived in Ohio, and my dearest friends that were and still are there.

I believe we go through our seasons in life - and certain people are brought into our lives for only a short season. But there are those - the ones who you know that when we all are brought together again in heaven, it will indeed be a beautiful day for a picnic.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Year Vacation -

The family and I have just returned from a brief trip "home" to NW Ohio...Bryan, Ohio specifically. It's not an extremely thrilling fact, once you hit that part of the state, it's so terribly flat, and nothing but farmlands for miles upon miles. But I often caught myself staring out the window as we drove by reminiscing of days gone by. I grew up in small town Ohio. Not small town suburb like where I live now, but small town - where there's miles of nothing-ness in between towns. It was when my kids got excited at seeing the farm animals that I realized how "suburbia" my life had become. (Mental note to take the kids on a field trip to a working farm this year.)

On this past Sunday, we went to church with my about reminiscing. Although it was not the same church that I had grown up in, it was the same denomination, and a definate departure from the church we are part of now.

This was a friendly church - I think we were sincerely greeted by every single person there that morning - all 39 of 'em anyway. Yes, a small house of worship. Sunday School was before the 10:30 service, which we didn't make it to, so the three monkey children were going to be sitting in the service with us. I couldn't wait.

After we shook all 39 hands and said good morning, dad proceeded to parade us into the sanctuary and sat us in the 3rd of 7 rows...of course, nobody sat in front of us. So we were basically in the front...with three children...who aren't used to having to remain quiet, or sitting and listening to a sermon. To pass the few moments I had left before the fun began, I opened my bulletin and started to have flashbacks of my childhood sitting in the Columbia Church of Christ.

A hymn, followed by a prayer, followed by another couple of hymns, communion, offering, another far so good. The monkey children behaved themselves fairly well - I think the distraction of the hymn book to look at worked well. Derek was able to read along and sing, and I think I could even hear Jordan trying to belt out a few bars of "Sweet Hour of Prayer".

All in all, monkey children did well. No major problems, issues, or public meltdowns.

When we got back to the car, Mr. D & I looked at each other and immediately shared the same thoughts on the sermon, which was about what needed to happen in the church for God to have the freedom to move. We both got a chuckle out of that considering that my entire life experience with the Church of Christ basically amounts to that they wouldn't have the first clue as to what to do if God should choose to show up in that church! The minister even used Acts 2 as his text that morning. I have NEVER known a church of Christ to be open to experiencing anything like what happened in the early church in Acts 2. Oh well, the minister had his good points - maybe one day...

But it did make me think on my own personal worship. (When I'm allowed to sneak out of the nursery and into service) I grew up in that same uber-conservative Church of Christ atmosphere - which probably explains my hesitancy with the worship level at my present home church. I love the church I'm at now, but I have never been able to get into being an active participant in worship like what is practiced there. It wasn't part of how I was raised. But seeing now where I've come from to where He's placed me now...I am so thankful for that personal level. And if I'm truly thankful, doesn't He deserve to know it? And what better way to show than in active worship lifestyle.

...But I still don't know about that tongues thing.