Goin' on a picnic...

...I just recently reconnected with a dear old friend from my high school years. I was told that talking to me was like sitting and chatting on a picnic table with a good friend (or something to that effect...) whatever his exact words, it was an enjoyable thought.

Shouldn't that be what good relationships are about? No matter how much time goes by, when you finally do get the chance to catch up with each other, shouldn't they be that easy - and it's almost like you can pick up right where you left off the last time you talked? (even if it was almost 20 years ago!)

I treasure the friendships I have today, but those ones from high school are where my memories are fondly kept and stored away. Those years are the ones that I will one day tell my kids about. As I've been in Western New York for almost 12 years now, my children really have little knowledge about the time I lived in Ohio, and my dearest friends that were and still are there.

I believe we go through our seasons in life - and certain people are brought into our lives for only a short season. But there are those - the ones who you know that when we all are brought together again in heaven, it will indeed be a beautiful day for a picnic.