25 Things About Me!

This has been making it's rounds within my Facebook world, but I decided to post my list here instead. 25 things about me that you didn't know, you did know but forgot you knew, or you didn't know and you probably wish you didn't know now!

In no particular order:
  1. I love my Savior! When it gets to be a truly personal relationship is when it's a really wonderful thing!
  2. I've been on a missions trip to Honduras - which was also my first experience on an airplane, and giving my testimony in front of people. And it didn't kill me! (now, something I ate...that's a different story!)
  3. I love to turn up praise music and dance around my house - it's my "David danced" moment!
  4. I love to turn up the soundtrack from the musical "Wicked", singing aloud at the top of my lungs and pretend that I can sing as well as Idina Menzel!
  5. I have three children in heaven who I will one day see again.
  6. Favorite Food - Enchiladas
  7. Favorite Movie - Somewhere In Time
  8. Favorite Song - "I Love You Lord", so simple.
  9. I love studying Biblical Apologetics.
  10. I hate being treated like a child.
  11. I enjoy taking care of and doing things for those whom I love the most.
  12. I don't drink coffee, but prefer to get my caffeine from Mt. Dew (yes, even in the morning it's been known to happen.).
  13. My family's history is my hobby, and that often takes me wandering around cemeteries looking for great-great-great-great grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins. I've come to really enjoy looking at old headstones and learning about my ancestors' lives.
  14. My oldest friends are still my dearest and best friends.
  15. I used to be very musically inclined - 3 children later, I don't really remember what it is like to be in an organized group, vocally or instrumentally.
  16. There are days when ... ("What if's" can be haunting)
  17. Occasionally I like to just say "go for it" and watch my kids have a blast - whether it's jumping on my couch cushions, splashing in mud puddles outside or burying themselves in their snow forts. (But I still refuse to do the play-dough thing)
  18. Born and raised in Ohio, I didn't move to NY until I was 24. I will probably always consider myself a Buckeye at heart!
  19. I'm a pretty impatient person. I want what I want when I want it!
  20. I really do appreciate all four seasons of the year for their own unique beauty. (Although winter does get to be a little long)
  21. I can be just like a little kid when it gets close to Christmas!
  22. When I was a little girl, I went to the Ohio State Fair where my cousins were showing their pigs. I had the "priviledge" of meeting Bob Evans and Jimmy Dean (yes, of the sausage variety), got their autographs, and even got a kiss on the cheek from Jimmy Dean (My shining moment). The two of them then proceeded to have a bidding war over my cousin's pig...Bob Evans eventually buying the animal for $30,000! Seriously gentlemen...it's just a pig!
  23. I am a junk food junkie, and I hate salad!
  24. I love the Buffalo Bills - even as they have stunk up the past decade or more.
  25. I know that I really am my mother's favorite child.