Enjoy it while it lasts!

It's mid-January, and I was able to go for a walk today. For the first time in weeks, it was not snowing, sleeting, or below freezing temperatures. And actually it was my daughter's idea last night: "Mom, can we walk to school tomorrow?" You know, why not?

So this morning, we hit the pavement for the first time in months. Myself, lil 'D, and the Princess hiked down the street and around the corner to her pre-K class, and then we turned around and did it again 2 1/2 hours later when her day was done. It was fun, it felt great to to be outside without the fear of frostbite kicking in, and it was my secret plan to get the monkey children wore out enough that they would practically beg me for a nap after lunch.

When I had mentioned to my girlfriend that I had been out for a walk this morning, she proclaimed in a single word, "Yuck".

Seriously?? Come on - when was the last time it was this nice outside? And let's be honest about our Buffalo weather, winter is a long excruciating season for us. So if we get one or two days here and there that the elements aren't working against us - I choose to enjoy what I can out of them and take advantage of it.

Enjoy it while it lasts!!

(Oh, and my secret plan worked! Monkey children slept for 3 solid hours - Again, enjoy it while it lasts!)