I See The Moon

My third grader has been studying the solar system for the past several weeks, and this week is his "big" test. So all week I've been re-learning everything about the planets, sun, and moon that I had either forgotten, or failed to learn the first time. For instance, did you know that the moon reflects the sun's light? Simple little fact, but one that I didn't know, or didn't realize that I knew. Now I certainly didn't think that God was up there shining a great big spotlight on it getting it to light up the sky at night, but I just never realized that it's light source was from the sun. (Give me a little credit!)

Okay, there are so many theological ideas in that - but I'm not going there. But it's amazing to realize that as the day is ending and the sun is still shining in the afternoon in say...Waco, Texas (hi mom!), and here in the deep freeze the night sky is already starting to settle in for the evening. But the same sun that warmed each of us that day is now helping to light up the sky by bouncing it's light off the moon...giving us both the opportunity to look up at night, and even though we're miles apart, say good-night to each other.

So to all of my dear friends and loved family members who are far away, tonight when you look out at the night sky and into the face of the man on the moon - know that I'm smiling and saying good-night to you too!