NaBloPoMo #4 - First Gift of Christmas!

Do you remember in the movie, Polar Express, the excitement that was felt throughout the North Pole at receiving the First Gift of Christmas....I hear some of you groaning already. Christmas? Really? We just finished Halloween, and haven't even made it to Veteran's Day...and she's talking Christmas? And gifts?

Yes I am!!

I received a Christmas gift today. Completely unexpected, entirely unnecessary, but so very cherished, loved, and wanted, and as you can imagine - I'm VERY thankful for! I think mainly because of the person who gave it to me rather than the actual gift itself though.

Don't get me wrong...the gift was, in a single word...perfect.

But the giver of said gift...she's the best. She knows me. She gets me. We laugh together and we grumble together/ We roll our eyes about silly things kids do and the garbage they have tried to get away with. She laughs at my insanity and makes me feel like a supermom on days when the evidence is clearly stating that the opposite is true.

Personally, I wonder if she isn't the orginal supermom.

We see each other daily, coming and going to and from school - or at least we did. She's scheduled for surgery next week and it's going to have her off of her feet/unable to drive for 10 weeks. (Yikes!)

And therein lies the reason for my early Christmas gift that I received today.

Silly if I'm not going to drive her insane by visiting her constantly, calling her, and being the overall nuisance that I know I can be.

Watch out Lynn - I may just cook you your own private turkey dinner for Thanksgiving!

(Oh...and as an added traditions with preparing a Turkey Day feast are limited, as you can read HERE and afraid. Be very afraid.)