Happy Thanksgiving!

You may or may not recall that two years ago for Thanksgiving, I was delegated to bring the all important Cool Whip to Thanksgiving dinner. I was okay with that - one cannot have pumpkin or chocolate pie without Cool Whip, so I was pleased to be the bearer of the artificial dairy product for our feast.

Last year...it was the dinner rolls or beverages...I don't recall which, but neither of which were a very important part of the menu.

So here we go again. The family feast prepared by my mother-in-law that we look forward to all year long. It's only a few days away, and I'm already starting to salivate in anticipation of the meal that will be waiting for us.

I asked her a week ago what I should bring for dinner. She simply replied, "I don't know yet." One week later I have yet to be given my assignment, and with the holiday just a few days away I'm not sure I will be given one.

Nothing. I'm not sure if I should be offended or elated.

I manage to feed a household of 5 every other day of the year, so certainly it's not that my cooking is that awful. So this year, I will simply take it as a sign to relax and enjoy someone else's hard work. And I will be giving thanks for my family that I'm surrounded by, that we are all healthy (and well fed!), and yes! There's still Cool Whip for the pie!!