Happy Thanksgiving!

We are heading up to mom & dad D.'s house for our feast on Thursday.

Every year, it's brought up - "Who's having Thanksgiving & Christmas at their house this year?" Every year, I'm up for hosting Christmas...but Thanksgiving, I don't even try.

You have to understand my mother-in-law is quite possibly the queen of all Thanksgiving dinners. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, pumpkin pie (real pumpkin too!) - which I don't partake of, as I never was a big pumpkin pie fan...but still, we're talking as traditional of a Turkey Day dinner as one can possibly get, and it's wet your lips-sit back from the table and pop that button on your pants-good.

She tried showing me how to do it...once. I gave up when I realized that her stuffing wasn't of the "Stove Top" variety, but that you actually had to do things with those extra parts that come with the turkey. Now I just eat, and don't think about it. Oh, and she always makes a yummy chocolate pie for her grandkids (& people like me who don't care for the pumpkin.)

Yes, Thursday is going to be a very good day.

Now, I'm not a completely thoughtless daughter-in-law...I was raised well enough to know that I need to at least offer to bring something to present at the table. (Thanks mom!) This will be year #15 as part of this family, and I've pretty much always brought the extra veggie...you know, a couple of green bean casseroles, sometimes glazed carrots, occasionally an extra dessert...

I think the Thanksgiving gods are trying to tell me something though...because it wasn't bad enough that I was the one bringing THE green bean casserole - hey someone has to do it, right? However, the last few years, I've been demoted to bringing let's see - dinner rolls, soda, and this year??

...oooh, I get to bring the cool whip for the pie.

Wow - maybe next year I'll be in charge of bringing the napkins.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - be thankful for your loved ones, love those you're thankful for, and especially be thankful if you were asked to bring real food to the dinner table this year! :)