March 22 - April 3, 1945

**Mail delivery is still wreaking havoc on our newlyweds.  Letters delayed WHEN and IF they were being delivered, made for a very worried bride.  But still she continued writing...a bit of local hometown and family drama, as well as a letter that I found fascinating because it stated the cost of a number of things that were purchased in 1945...

March 22, 1945
Converse, Indiana
My Dearest Darling Husband,
     So honey here 'tis Friday nite again my Darling and as you know we aren't together and I miss you so much.  I just often wonder how many Friday nites will go by before we will be together once again.  I sure hope not too many.  It is 10:00 and I'm feeling not so good and pretty sleepy too.  But the reason it is so late is cause I just got back from Marion.  I took Mary Lewellan over to the hospital to see Bobby.  He was operated on for Masatoey (?) Monday and she called me tonite to see if I'd take her over cause Dink was moving tonite and their car was on a bumb.  I think I told you they were moving didn't I?  Bobby gets to come home Sunday.  My cold isn't much better seems like its worse. I got a letter from your mother today.  she said she got a letter from you the day before she wrote my letter.  I suppose she told you about Ezra trying to find work now.  Guess he isn't going to Texas. 
     You know I told you about Sears's coming down to Jean's the other night after Francis.  Well she isn't suppose to come down here anymore and isn't suppose to run around with Gertie.  So yesterday Don got a letter from the procescuting attorney telling him his conduct was bad and he'd better straighten up or they would see into it.  He said he was going over today and see what it was all about.  But he thinks Claude Sears is the one who turned him in.  Of course Claude never says anything to us but tells Francis, well the the same thing that happened last fall.  They told her she wasn't to come down here as long as Scottie was here.  I'll bet if Don finds out Claude was the one who turned him in, Claude will be a sorry old pidgeon.  
     Don's divorce comes up Monday and then maybe Scottie will go out there and stay but Don has to have two witnesses to prove Helen hasn't been living with him and I sure have no idea who it would be.  You know I never have cared to much for Scottie and it seems like I dislike her that much more all the time.  She has been staying here with us for about two weeks now.  It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't run after Don.  She wrote you a letter but she never did send it.  She asked you what you thought of the name "Steve Gordon".  She sorta thought she would name her baby that if it was a boy.  I don't know why she never sent the letter.....

March 25, 1945
....As usual, Jean and I went to the show.  Her mother was over for the weekend and she had to take her home so she wanted me to go with them and we could go to a show, so we did.  It was some kind of an Arabian picture  - Ronald Colman played in it.  But I didn't like the show too well.  Honey if it wasn't for Jean I sure would be lost.  She is lots of company to me, but sweetheart you're the most important part of my life and honey I miss you so much.
     Oh yes, I guess there isn't going to be any "Steve Gordon".  I don't think there ever was going to be.  She is such a lig liar, if I must say so I never did believe her, cause if she was three months like she said she was, she sure wouldn't be running around here like she does.  Guess Scottie didn't like it cause we never ask her to go to the show but I just don't care.
     Maybe I'll get a letter from you in the morning.  Last night I dreamed you were home and home for good.  I just cried cause I was so happy but I don't suppose that dream will come true right away.  But honey I just know it can't be too long or too far off that we can be together....

March 28, 1945
...well honey I've wrote and wrote and still you aren't getting my mail.  Maybe you will get this one cause it is a different address.  This makes three different addresses I've used since you've been over there.  If there was just some way I could find out why you aren't getting my mail.  Honey I feel terrible about it cause I'm beginning to wonder if you aren't doubting me just because you aren't hearing from me.  But don't ever doubt I love you so much, and when you come home I'll be just the same as you left me, I won't be changed one bit.   I'm enclosing some paper and envelope please honey write as soon as you can and let me know whether you get my mail or not.  If you ever do get it you'll have about 50 or 60 letters from me as I've written you  most every day. 
     Gee honey I'm sorry for Jimmy and you both.  Sure wish you's could of stayed together.  You said all good things come to an end sooner or later.  Honey just how did you mean that?  (she is referring to the last letter she received from him...a "v-mail" dated March 10, 1945 that was written in this blog post.)...

March 30, 1945
My Dearest Darling Husband,
     Just wrote you a V-Mail honey don't know wether you will receive either of these or not but sure do hope so.  I'm fine and hopin you are feeling your best.  I know honey I have no idea what you might be doing this very minute or anytime while your over there.  But Darling I pray that God watches over you during every minute and hour of the days you are away from me.  I miss you so much and I miss your very sweet letter even though I do shed tears when I get them.  It seems that when I'm reading your letters you are right here talking to me but still you are so far away.  The war news sounds so good but I wonder so much and so often if it really is coming to an end as soon as they think it will, but I hope so. 
     Honey I love you very much and all the while we are apart I'm loving you that much more.  But don't stay away so long course I'll keep on loving you always.  Today is our day like we always say and not being together makes my heart ache so much.
     Gertie got a letter from  Jim and I thought he was somewhere in Holland.  I guess he is somewhere in Germany now.  Gertie still hangs on to Sticky.  I guess he has taken his blood test for the navy.  I don't know whether he ever passed or not....

April 3, 1945
...I went to Marion this afternoon and got me a new bed and matress and wardrobe.  Jean and Gertie went too.  In fact we went in Jeans car.  I got my check this morning and payed Bly's for the paint and paper to redo my bedroom and went to Marion and spent the rest of it.  But honey I put it to good cause.  I had to have some shoes cause my feet couldn't stand much  more punishment from these old play shoes.  Curtains for my room were $6.90, my wardrobe cost $10.95 and my bed $24.50 and matress $39.50 .  Lot of money isn't it honey.  But I had to have everything.  Of course I had to get the bed and matress on payments.  The bed is a bird's eye maple.  I'm going to take the varnish off of your dresser and varnish it the same color as the bed if I can.  Every where I went today they wanted me to buy a bedroom suit but I told them no, cause you are going to help me pick one out.  I really didn't want to go ahead and buy the bed but I needed one so badly.  But I'm sure you will like it. 
     Sweetheart sure hope this finds you ok and getting my mail all along.  I'll say so long for now Darling, try and make this out the best you can, maybe I can do better next time.  All my love and kisses for you and only you.
Your Darling Little Wife