March 4-10, 1945

This week brings us the first of a number of "V-Mail" messages that were sent.  Before email was even thought of, and in the hopes of saving costs associated with shipping THOUSANDS of letters across the ocean, the idea was put into place to send "Victory Mail".  The soldiers would send mail home in the form of letters that were opened and photographed onto microfilm which was then flown to the US via airmail rather than the slower sea-freight.  The microfilmed letters were then printed out from the microfilm, and sent on to the addressee.  Writing space was quite limited on the form that the soldiers had to use (also possibly a way that the "censors" were able to keep things under-wraps that the soldiers wrote home about), but it was a quick and easy for them to write to their loved ones.

March 4th, 1945
Somewhere in Belgium
Dearest Mother and E.L.
Just a few lines to let you know I am o.k. as you might know.  I hope this find you folks the same.  I had a nice trip.  I sure wish I was in Ind. for it's cold here, it snows every day not very much though.  I will write a letter when I get time.  I just finished Dottie a letter.  I got to go where I wanted to but they didn't leave me in England or France either one long enough to tell much about the places.  Give my regrds to everyone and write me soon.
Lots of Love as Ever

March 4, 1945
Converse, Indiana
My Dearest Darling Husband
     Darling I've got the blues so bad I could go to bed and cry my eyes out.  But I try my best to keep from it.  I do love you, I just can't help but look back and think of the very swell times we have spent together and I don't ever or rather won't ever forget the times we have been together.  I know you will come home as soon as you possibly can but hurry home hon.  I miss you so much and I just feel like sometimes I can't go on without you near me.  I know you miss me just as much as I do you, and I pray I will hear from you every day.  Maybe I'll get a letter from you Monday. 
     I just came home from the hospital, tonite is the first nite no one has stayed with Mother.  She is feeling better.  I stayed with her every nite but last night and Aunt Ruth stayed with her.  I was so dead tired last nite I couldn't even write you.  But I knew you would understand.  Honey Mother said for me to tell you she sends you her very best. 
     Say honey tonite when we were coming home from the hospital, Uncle Ed brought us home as Vaughn had to go to Marion.  But we all stopped at the Little Gem and I saw Chuck Mullot.  You know who I mean don't you.  Well he didn't see me cause he was going out the door when i saw him.  He was wearing civilian clothes.  Today Gertie and I went up town and "Muc" asked about you and then I went in the bank and I saw that Garr man and he asked about you.  The only think I know to tell them I guess you are on your way across cause I've not heard from you for over two weeks. 
     Honey you be sure and let me know if you get all these letters I've been writing.  I've written you a letter every day since I've known your address but the last few days since Mother has been in the hospital.  I love you Darling and I sure do miss you, but I guess I will have to close for tonite.  Dearest write me as soon as you can cause I want to hear from you so bad.
With loads of love and kisses from your little wife
I love you honey

March 6, 1945
Converse, Indiana
My Dearest Darling Husband,
      Sweetheart I am almost happy  - what I mean if I only could hear from you I really would be happy.  I got a letter from Charlie today.  You know how long it has been since we have heard from him.  He wrote the letter February 22 and said he was somewhere in the Philippines and was fine.  He has him a girl and calls her baby.  Poor kid it's been so long since he's been home.  He has been across two years this month.  I just wrote him a letter.  He wants a camera but don't know where I'm going to get one, cause you can't even buy them.  But we are going to fix up a box cause he also wants some song books.  Now honey don't you forget when you get settled write and ask me for something so I can send you a box, cause you know we can't send you anything unless you write and ask for something. 
     Oh Darling I love you so very much and I really mean it Dear.  Only wish you could be here with me.  But I know you are wishing the same thing.  Sure hope this finds you feeling fine.  I'm ok, and Mother is feeling much better.  I got a letter from mom today they are living in Metz now.  I've not heard from Dad or Hannah since I've been home.  Honey I got the pictures, I guess I told you though.  I'll send them to you as soon as I hear from you. 
     Say honey, I meant to say something about this before but it always slipped my  mind.  but do you remember that black velvet dress I wore while we were in Baltimore.  Well you never said wether you liked it or not.  Let me know will you.  Then I'll ask you something else.  Aunt Nora has been staying with us the past few days and she told me when I wrote you to tell you she said Hello.  Donald is in the Navy now. 
     They are playing that song "More Than You Know".  That sure is true my darling.  I love you more than you'll ever know.  Honey I want to send you something for your birthday but it will probably be late, cause I'll have to wait till you write and ask for something.  Helen called the other day and wanted to know if I had the suitcase you borrowed off of them.  I told her I had one but it was Scotties.  She said she was going to Marion to get her a job.  I've only saw Dad once since I've been home, he never calls or nothing.  Guess he is mad cause I never call him but I've been so busy since I have been home sometimes I can't see straight.  Honey Charlie is a P.F.C. now.  About time they give him something.  Well Darling I will close for now.  Write as soon as you cand, and don't forget to let me know if you get all my letters.
With all my love and kisses
Your Darling Little Wife

March 8, 1945
Somewhere in Germany
Dearest Mom & all:
Just a few lines to let you know I haven't forgotten you.  I hope this finds you feeling O.K. as you might know I am O.K.  I have moved a littel since I last done any writing.  I am now in the ninth division of the first army.  How are you and my girl getting along?  I will write you a letter when I get time if I ever do.  I sure haven't had very much spare time the last month.  I think though that it will only be a few months till I have more spare time.  I have to close now, more soon.  Give my wife a kiss and tell her I love her
Love to all.

March 8, 1945
Converse, Indiana
My Dearest Darling Husband
Sweetheart I hope you won't mind me writing this V-Mail.  But I just wrote Charlie one so thought I'd write you one too.  I'll also write you a letter.  Oh Darling I miss you so much and honey I keep looking for a letter from you every day.  I know you will write as soon as you can but honey I'm so lonesome without you.  I love you Darling and when I tell you that, I mean every word of it and they come from the bottom of my heart.  We got another letter from Charlie today.  Honey I sure hope this finds you feeling your best - I worry about you so much.  Well Dear I'll close with all my love for you and you only .  I do love you.
Your Darling Little Wife.

March 8, 1945
Converse, Indiana
My Dearest Darling Husband,
     Dear I just wrote you a V-Mail but thought I'd also write you a letter.  I haven't much to say when I write.  Seems like there just isn't anything to talk about when you aren't with me.  Only Dear I miss you so very much and I love you more than anything in this world.  I am feeling fine except a little tired and sleepy. 
     I did Mary Lewellan's washing for her today or rather Gertie and I did.  Every one has been sick out there and she didn't want to wash on account of the baby having such a cold.  We went over to see Mother last nite and she is getting along just fine and thinks she will get to come home the last of the week. 
     I went down to Mr. Whitmire's this evening and had him make out my Income Tax receipt.  Guess I'll have some money coming back.  I got my allotment yesterday but won't be able to put it in the bank cause our pictures will probably be here anyday now.  I'll sure be glad when I can go back to work.  I know you don't want me to work but I want to save some money for us.  I got a letter from Dad and Hannah today.  They said they got a letter from you.  Well Sweetheart, I will close for tonite and go to bed.  Maybe I'll get a letter tomorrow from you.
With all my love and kisses
Your Darling Little Wife

March 10, 1945 - Germany
My dearest littel wife
Well sweetheart I have a littel more time so will drop you a couple of lines.  I hope this find you o.k., they say no news is good news so I suppose everything is ok on the home front.  Things aren't so good here, in fact I am ready to quit and go home.  They put Jimmy in a different post so I suppose that is the end of us till we get back to Indiana.  I was afraid we would get parted sooner or later.  All good things much come to an end.  Well hon, I will say so long for now, more later.   Love to the family.
I love you darling
Yours, first, last, and always

March 10, 1945
Converse, Indiana
My Dearest Darling Husband,
     I just wrote Dad a letter. But he hasn't ever written me. Does he write you, I told him I wish he's write you. But I imagine Hannah does all the writing. She said he had a pretty bad cold. I wrote Charlie a letter last night and told him about Mother.
     I just got done baking some lemon pies. Maybe honey by the time you get home I'll know how to cook cause I've been doing all the cooking since I've been home.
     I'm enclosing a letter that Gertie gave to me that I thought was sorta cute. Hoping to hear from you soon sweetheart. All my love and kisses for you only
Your Darling Little Wife

(A mountain woman wrote this letter to her son in the army)
Dear Son,
Your Paw has a new job, the first in 48 years. We are a little better off now and making so much money we don't know what to do with it. Paw get $17.95 every Friday so we tho't we ought to do some fixin up. We sent to Sears Roebuck for one of them new bath rooms you hear about some folks havin in houses. It took a plummer to put it in shape. On one side of the room is a great big long thing somethin like a pig trough only you git in it and wash all over. On the other side is a little white thing they call a sink where you wash your face and hands. But yonder in the corner we really got something. This thing you put one foot in to clean then pull a chain to git fresh water for the other foot. Two lids come with this thing and we han't no use for them in the bathrooms so I'm using one of them for a bread board and the other had a hole in it so we used it for a frame for grand-pappy's picture. They are awful nice people to deal with. They sent us a roll of writin paper with the outfit. We can't write much, so I'm usin it to wrap Paw's lunch in. Take care of yourself