NaBloPoMo #6 - How Did THAT Happen?

You knew a genealogy related post was going to arrive sooner or later....admit it...all of you were just waiting on the edges of your seats for it.

Uh-huh. Stop yawning and keep reading, you may learn something!

Remember excitement at being "right" was making me giddy, and I couldn't wait to tell Grandma that she was wrong? (I know you don't, so here's the post to refresh your sleep deprived minds.)

In particular I'm referring to the part of the story where I had great-grandpa's birth record from West Virginia, even though she had some still yet unseen evidence that he was born in Ohio. I showed her the picture of the actual birth registry with date, name, parents...she wasn't impressed, and I'm certain she still swears he was born in Ohio.

Fine...I'm not going to argue the point with a 72 year old woman. I'll file my record away, in my head I'm still right.


Maybe not.

I received an email yesterday alerting me to new records available that I might be interested in with connections to particular ancestors. Great-grandpa was one of them. There was the Social Security Death Index - got it. Various census records - yep, got them too. West Virginia Births Index - please, don't bother with me with this stuff, already own it. Ohio Births and Christening Index -

Whaaa???????? He can't be in there. I have a record that states he was born in West Virginia! An actual image of the birth registry! What is this Ohio Births and Christening Index!?!?

Taking a breath and settling my brain for a moment, I realized that certainly, this could just be a christening record. Not making it an unofficial record by any means, but definately keeping the West Virginia birth legitimate. A little further investigation was in order though so I could know without a shadow of a doubt...I was still going to be right!

The record didn't state much, it was only a transcription of information, not an actual image to look at. The name, birthdate, parents names all matched. The county it was recorded in was even a very feasable possibility as the family lived in that area as well. Finally, at the bottom of the record I found a number...a microfilm number for the information that was given. Putting my genealogy computer favorites to work, I was quickly able to look up that number to determine what type of record this was.

Gallia County Birth Records, Probate Court, Gallia County, Ohio.
Yep. That's about as official as my West Virginia birth registry page. poop.

I currently have no idea why there are two birth records for two different states for the same man. My next step is to order this microfilm of this new record and see what it's all about. Who reported the birth? Is it really a primary source?

I can see that you're all on the edge of your seats awaiting the conclusion to this mystery, and I'll be sure to keep you informed.

On a side note...I also discovered the marriage record for great-grandpa and his {sigh} THIRD wife. In Arkansas. What in the world would lead two people from the northwest corner of Ohio down to Arkansas to get married? Is this another untold family secret?

Hmmm....stay tuned blogger friends. If you're lucky, I may be able to pull another blog post out of it!