Sorry Grandma...but you're wrong!

I really don't like proving anyone wrong. Especially Grandma. But sometimes....SOMETIMES that woman can frustrate me, even more than my own children!

For example, when I began my genealogy, grandma - who was the family historian up to that point - told me that my great-grandpa had been born in Gallia Co., Ohio. Seeing that grandma had been doing this for decades, via "old-school" method (travelling and documenting on-site), I took her word on that little fact. Two years later, I found an actual vital record, his birth record, from the state of West Virginia showing where my great-grandfather was born in Huntington. I showed it to her, even made her a copy. Her comment? "Well I have record that says he was born in Ohio." {sigh} She's never shown me this record.

Last year at Christmastime, Grandma and I were comparing notes. Looking at my record for my 4th great-grandmother, so promptly exclaimed, "That wasn't her name! Her maiden name was 'HOUCK', and not 'KERNS'. {sigh} Are you sure Grandma? Because everything I've found points in the direction that she was the daughter of so-and-so Kerns, and I have this marriage record, and this resource, and...

"No. Her maiden name was 'HOUCK'".

Now, here I am...getting ready for our annual winter's journey to Ohio to visit the family. And I'm going through some files, trying to find some last minute "goodies" to share with grandma. Last night, I found this record...

Bedford County, Virginia, Deed Book 21, Page 452-
13 August 1829 – Indenture in which Andrew Kerr and Susannah, his wife, late Susanna Houck of GALUR COUNTY, STATE OF OHIO of one part sell to Simon Sharpe of Bedford County, Virginia, of the other part – for $120.00 a tract of land in Bedford County on Roaring Run containing 66 acres, being the same land allotted to the said Susan by the name of Susan Houcke as part of her portion of the real estate of the late George Kerns, dec’d, and designated in the division of said Kerns land as lot #8, etc. Recorded August 14, 1929. (NOTE BY CHH – 11 August, 1829 - same parties of 1st part sell Parham Arrington of Bedford County, Virginia another portion of Susanna’s land (Lot #3) bequeathed to her by George Kerns, dec’d (ibid page 451) containing 33 acres, etc.)

What does this record tell me (or more importantly - what will it tell Grandma?)

1. The record states the name of my 4th great-grandparents, Andrew & Susannah Kerr.
2. It says her name prior to her marriage to Andrew, was {gasp} HOUCK.
3. It states that she was given land by George KERNS...most likely an inheritance at the time of his death, allowing me to believe she was his daughter since women were not commonly allotted land "back in the day" unless it was given from a direct family member.

Grandma...I hate to say it, but I firmly believe now more than ever that Susannah was Susannah Kerns (Karnes), married to Mr. Houck, and married 2nd to Andrew Kerr, our ancestor. Will she believe me and accept this as proof our ancestress' name? I'll let you know after our visit next weekend. But don't hold your breath. She's a stubborn gal.