NaBloPoMo #25 - A Place To Lay Her Head

I wasn't sure I could reach down and pull out the creative part of me that had been repressed for such a long time.  I used to be a creative person...very "right brained".  That was 20 years ago.  At some point I traded my creativity for my intellectual side.  My right side for the left side of my brain, if you will.

A few months ago I reached wayyyy down deep and tapped into that creative side.  Voila!  Lego man was created.  Okay, truth be told, I kind-of impressed myself with those results.  So much so, that I knew I could pull out that creativity just a little further...just in time for Christmas.

You see, a certain little princess has asked Santa for a bed for her American Girl doll.  And as any parent with an AG doll in their house knows...these little havens of rest can be pretty pricey!  Immediately, I thought "I could totally make a bed for her doll!  Surely there is a pattern, directions, something - somewhere online! If I can find my 9th great-grandfather via Google and the internet, I can certianly find a decent pattern for a doll bed."

You betcha I did!

Yesterday, after a yummy Thanksgiving dinner, Mrs. Claus here and one of Santa's jolly elf's went down to the workshop and went to work.  Measuring and cutting wood (with power tools even!)

Not drawing any blood and still having all 10 fingers, we safely moved onto assembly...and before long, we had a headboard!

Admittedly, the headboard took us a bit to put together.  In fact, we nearly didn't finish the project that afternoon, thinking that it was going to take us a bit longer than what we had time for.  But we decided to keep going, and putting the footboard together went much quicker! (It was identical to the headboard, only shorter.)

Once the headboard and footboard were completed, it was just a matter of attaching the bedframe.

And in a matter of a just a few hours...a pretty incredible looking bed was finished! (If I do say so myself)  Oh, there's still some finishing work to do - Filling the holes where the screws are, a little sanding, and a nice coat of paint.  

Then there's still a mattress to come up with...And a pillow....And a blanket (because it gets mighty cold here during the winter months!).  The bedding is next week's project and I'm already starting to have flashbacks to my 8th grade Home Economics pillow sewing project.  (Mrs. Hahn...where are you when I need you!?!?)


Lorri said…
I am totally so impressed! That is a beautiful bed. I have a project to finish and then I think i need to make an afghan for that bed because sometimes it gets VERY cold in the winter. I just need to know the dimension of the bed.
Party of 5 said…
Oh Lorri, are you serious?!? - if you scroll down a wee bit, it has a diagram with the dimensions...EXCEPT it's a 19" bedframe, not 18".

My father-in-law helped A LOT, he gets so much of the credit, but he spent the time teaching me how to do things as well, the important how to use the saw without taking off a finger.

Thank you!!!!!