NaBloPoMo #7 - Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid

Halloween - Don't usually get into it, other than to steal whatever chocolate the kids bring home from trick-or-treating. My kids wear store bought costumes because I am NOT the creative, crafty mom type, nor do I have that kind of imagination to make it work. However, our church was holding it's 2nd annual "Trunk or Treat" event, and I decided that if I was going to participate, it would be of the "Go big or go home" mindset.

So...on that note, what do a 8ft. sheet of styrofoam, plus a cement form tube, plus many...I mean MANY cardboard boxes, and enough Mt. Dew and chocolate to get through it all equal??

Start with the tube...cutting down to size.

Add some styrofoam...

A quick little factoid...did you know that you can't spraypaint styrofoam? Well you can, but it would be in your best interest to seal it first, otherwise it just gets eaten away when the paint hits it. (I used "Mod Podge", works great!)

Glue, sealing, some light sanding to round of the edges...

Well waddya know...this actually might work!

Add a body -

And of course, some more cardboard boxes...for overall effect

And what do we get??

Lego Man - "Brick" or Treat!!

Apparently 3 years in the local PTA has rubbed off on me, and I am becoming that kind of mom that others look at the way I used to look at them. And yes, the pressure is already on to go bigger and better next year. I've been told we're converting the van into a giant pizza for next year's Trunk or Treat.

My crafty side has already gone dormant now that Halloween is to me about giant pizza pies next September.


Lorri said…
Love it! You are much craftier than you give yourself credit for.
Party of 5 said…
lol - I actually have a project idea in mind for Jordan for involves a circular saw. Do you think Pauly will allow it?
lorri said…
lol! only if he is a bery brave man.