Writer's Block

I've lost something...my focus? My "mojo"? (I'm not sure I even know what that is!) My Muse? Do I even have a muse?

Ugh...whatever it is...I've lost it.

I enjoy writing and the outlet that it gives me. I won't make the mistake of assuming I'm any good at it, but I do know basic rules of grammar, I'm a fairly good speller, and I can put a sentence together fairly well. So yeah, (yes) I guess I'd like to think I'm capable of writing.

I live with 3 little people who will do or say something new & funny. Every. Single. Day. But I don't necessarily want to become a "mom blogger". Let's face it - sometimes what I think is funny and cute just doesn't appeal to non-family members. (Sometimes, it doesn't even appeal to actual family members!)

I also love writing about my family's history as I research and discover it. I've been attempting to bring life to my ancestors for some time now. It's not an easy task. Men and women, who I should feel a connection with as blood relatives. But yet I never knew them, and now I'm only scraping together little tidbits of their lives. Most of the time it's not even anything exciting, just...vital. How do I give these people life again and make them real and exciting?

I picked up my computer earlier this evening and I was drawn to the writings of an incredibly talented young man. He's got it...his muse, mojo, whatever you want to call it. I wonder if mine skipped town and went to him? But he writes of his strong faith and people who have impacted his life. And it's "wow" incredible. I know a few of the people he has written about, but after reading his words I feel like I now know a completely new person.

I want to be inspired and write like he writes.

But right now? I've got nothing.