Butteflies everywhere....

Today is a certain princess' birthday. Thankfully, we've already been through the whole "princess" party theme, but as I am the queen of my home, she is still and will always be known as the princess.

We're keeping it pretty low-key this year with her party. Just the party-o-five, and her grandparents will be celebrating. Oh yeah, and a few hundred butterflies. Somehow she's gotten into a butterfly mode. I don't know how since it's fall, it's chilly, and butterflies won't be seen for months around here. Whatever the reason, we've got butterflies this year on presents, packaging, cake, and even the treats I made for her to take into her class to share today.

Teachers frown on the cupcake thing - they're too messy. We did brownies last year for kindergarten, so being the non-crafty, uninspired mom that I am, we went with rice krispie treats. Then I got this completely remarkable idea to use a butterfly cookie cutter to cut them out, add some pink sprinkles....beautiful! Right?

I forgot to mention that I have made rice krispie treats only one other time, and that was maybe 15 years ago. My mother didn't make them all that often either. Now I know and remember why. Whoever came up with the idea of melting marshmallows and mixing 6 cups of little cereal pieces with that gooey mess was nuts!

My recipe stated to coat my cookie cutter with cooking spray for easy cutting out of the butterflies. Yeah, whoever that genius was is completely nuts too. Let me state emphatically right here for all 3 of my followers to read...

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THE COOKING SPRAY. Turn on your hot water, and run it over the cookie cutter periodically as you're cutting out your treats. It actually works! My mom says to just have a cup of hot water sitting by that you can dunk your knife or cutter into. I wasn't taking any chances, and just left the hot water run. Yes, my utility companies are loving me right now.

So...I have successfully melted butter and marshmallows together, mixed with cereal, spread in pan, chilled, and cut into 50 butterflies with pink sprinkles. (I'm a generous mom...2 per kid!!) Right about this time, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for going that extra mile to be super-mom, the cool mom...Jordan's mom, the mom everyone wants to know because SHE's the one who made the butterfly rice-krispie treats with pink sprinkles!

I hear her sweet little voice, "Mom....we only need 25."

I know honey, we're going to let all of your friends have TWO :)

"But mom..." (Right about now is when tears start to well up in the princess' eyes) "...we're only supposed to bring in 25 treats."

{sigh} I know that it's not a big deal that these kids get two instead of one, or even that 25 treats may get returned to my house after school today. But to a 6 year old over-achieving perfectionist who has to follow the rules EXACTLY in her own mind...this was a very big deal.

Would anyone like a butterfly rice-krispie treat with pink sprinkles? I've got 25 extra to share....