NYS PTA: Leading the Way

One day recently, I was sitting at my desk, watching the U.S. Senate confirm our current Secretary of Education.  A co-worker had come in, and she commented, "You know, some day Candy will be on the other side of that camera and we'll be watching her!"

Please.  Stop right there.  I have absolutely NO intention of becoming a political figure.

Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt (literally) and all...

If success is measured in whether or not a candidate wins, then I suppose it can be said that I have failed with my past experience in that arena.  I choose, however, to believe that success is measured in coming out on the other side as a better person.  And today I can look back at my relatively short-lived political experience and say that I did, in fact, succeed.  I haven't changed who I am.  I haven't walked away.  I haven't backed down.  I'm still out there looking to make change happen.

Over the past months, I've watched politicians from both parties throw blame on each other, many of them not really understanding what they were hoping to attain, or what was at stake.

However, over this past weekend, a group of advocates - who were from all over our state, and probably from all different political parties - all came together for the same purpose.  Party lines were crossed as advocates met with New York State legislators.  There were real conversations and honest dialogue that ensued between all who were involved.

Because it's NOT about the political party.

It IS about what and who we're fighting for.

This is about more than my three not-so-little people in my house that I have spent the past decade "being involved" for.  Now it's about every child who has gone before them and every child who will come after them.  This is about making sure the very best options are available to them, and it's about keeping them safe in their day-to-day surroundings.

This is about the potential of every child...and doing everything that we can to help make that a reality.  Every Child. One Voice.

NYS PTA advocacy partners...Leading The Way in Albany