Wanted: Wednesday Morning Do-Over

On any given week day, Mr. D. will shake me awake between 7:20-7:30am, so that I might see the teenager before he heads off to school.  I think it's actually more so that I have half a shot of becoming ever so slightly coherent prior to having to get the younger two children up and ready for school. 

This particular morning, I opened my eyes and noticed that the clock on the headboard read 7:45, and I went into instant panic mode:

"7:45! I overslept!"
"7:45! Hope D-man got off to school on time!"
"7:45! Why hasn't Mr. D awakened the little kids?"
"7:45! I need to shower, get kids to school, and be on time for an appointment in 1 hour's time!"

All of the above thoughts raced through my head in about a 15 second timespan.  Admittedly, there may have been one or two other thoughts that weren't quite as...eloquent.

I jumped out of bed, and stormed to the princess' room, "You need to wake up!"  I raced to the bottom of the stairs, and yelled up to the lil' dude, "It's late, you need to get up for school!" 

The younger children met me in the kitchen, and I heard the bathroom door open - I was expecting Mr. D to emerge, however, to my surprise it was the teenager.  Panic mode #2 set in for the morning. 

(Why is he still here) "Why are you still here?"
(You're going to be late for your Social Studies final!) "What are you....I mean, Why is....that is, where...." 

For whatever reason, be it utter confusion or just that at that time of day, I generally can't put a coherent thought together anyway, but for some reason I simply felt...dumbfounded.  AND the three monkey children were all looking at me and one another as if their mother had completely lost her mind.

Then I looked at the clock. 

It wasn't 7:45 in the morning, and my teenager was not going to be late for his Social Studies final.  It was, however, only 6:45 am, and I had 2 extremely tired little kids in front of me, and one befuddled teenager.  At that point, I could only hang my head in shame as I sent the littles back to bed for 45 minutes and let D-man amuse himself with thoughts that his mother really was completely nuts as he's believed all along.

Fast forward, and the lil' dude came back downstairs shortly before 7:30 to get himself ready for school.  I busied myself with my usual morning routine of checking email and such prior to making their lunches and getting myself together.  In my head, it was beginning to play out like a normal school morning.  The teenager was on his way (on time!), and the little dude was awake and getting his breakfast.  But it wasn't until I saw the princess make her way into the kitchen, still in her pajamas and hunting for her breakfast at 7:45 (the REAL 7:45, the time when we begin to officially hit "late" mode as we get ready for school.)

"Princess, what have you been doing for the last 15 minutes?"  (Her reply was a blank stare...somewhat similar to the look I had received an hour earlier.) I reiterated to her and Mr. D that she's STILL in her pajamas and still hasn't eaten breakfast...until the princess found her voice and said "But you told me to go back to bed..."

Oh.  Right.  I did do that. (Maybe I should begin to rethink a coffee habit?)

Mr. D began to look at me with an equally annoying yet amused look, as he realized that yep, his wife  was losing it.  

Adding to the "fun" of my morning:
  • I turned ON the light in the house prior to leaving instead of turning OFF the lights like normal people do.  
  • The good news - According to my doctor, I apparently lost 7 pounds!  The bad news - I also apparently lost 2 inches, and am a striking 5 feet tall now.  Super.  
  • I drove on the wrong road for about 3 miles before realizing I was on the wrong road.
This was all before 10:30am.  I'm calling a Do-Over.

Mr. D amused himself by texting me to find out if early Alzheimer's screening was part of my doctor's appointment.   

"I forgot."


(**Disclaimer:  I realize and am very aware of the serious nature of Alzheimer's and Dementia, as my own family has experience in dealing with it.  Please don't take this latest exchange between Mr. D and myself as anything more than what it was...him making fun of me.  Again.)