A Little Light Reading

Have I mentioned that I'm going to a genealogy conference?

I'm going to a genealogy conference!

It's just a few weeks away...15 days actually, and I'm starting to scurry as I think on all of the things I need to get prepared for.  Okay..."panic" may be a better word.  And it may take many...MANY late nights, and A LOT of chocolate and Mt. Dew that I will pay dearly for with evil trainer Sean at the gym...but I feel confident that when we do finally head out of here in 2 weeks, I'll be ready to take on The Genealogy Center in Ft. Wayne.

In the mean-time...they've released the conference syllabus.

It's a mere 614 pages long.

Good thing I have couple of Hershey bars to get me through tonight's reading material.

;) C.