FGS 2013...I'm Going!!

I'm registered, and I have enough excitement to almost get me through the next 8 weeks!

Eight weeks until this years Federation of Genealogical Societies 2013 Conference, which is being held  so ridiculously close to my former home, just across the state line in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

My hubby...the one who merely ACTS interested when I tell him about the role my 5th cousin once removed played in the Civil War (he was a drummer, not a huge war hero)...
The man I married...the one who can't understand why I don't want him to drive me (at 35 mph) through a cemetery when I could get out and walk it at a much more enjoyable pace...
The father of my children...the one who usually reminds me that my role as mother comes first and has been known to scoff at my dream of becoming a "certified genealogist" (not in a mean way, but more like "how and when exactly do you plan on doing this?" (sigh...always the realist)

This same man, sat down next to me the other night with his iPad opened to the 2013 FGS Conference webpage. (I didn't even know he knew how to spell the word "genealogy")
"Do you know this is going on during our vacation?"
"Well should we try and work it into the vacation plans?"
(Wait...are you serious? Don't bring this up if you're not serious. Holy canoly he's serious! Wait a minute...what do you mean "we"?)

Yes of course I knew it was happening, and I had been kicking myself daily.  Vacation this year was supposed to be a trip to Texas...an extended trip with 5 people is not a cheap thing.  Texas was a priority, genealogy conference was not.  The fact that genealogy conference was so very near my old home, and my maternal ancestor's home, and I still was not going to be able to go...ugh...I just put it out of my head pretty quickly.  It made it slightly easier to deal with the self-induced kicks to the derriere.

But now he was here next to me, telling me it was an option for me to go?  I knew that Texas plans had changed, but this was HUGE!

"I have the vacation time and you want to go, take a look at the program and see what days you want to go."
(Easy, it's a four-day conference, so all four days!  No brainer, right?...Oh! And let's add a day or two in Paulding County for research as well...)
"Don't forget, the rest of us will be in Ft. Wayne too, trying to stay entertained for those days."
(Oh right..silly me. {eye roll} )

As of today, I am all registered for Thursday and Saturday at this year's Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference.  Two days.  I'll take that...50% of the conference, with a day in between to reintroduce myself to Ft. Wayne, drive across the state line to Paulding County to visit the maternal ancestors, or maybe just spend the day in "The Genealogy Center" at the Allen County Public Library...which is basically The Promised Land of genealogy research when Salt Lake City and the Family History Library are just too far away to even dream about.

And now I'm back to eight weeks...I ONLY have eight weeks to get my materials in order.  I ONLY have eight weeks to make sure I know what research materials I'm desperate to get my hands at this library (I know I had a list started...where did I file that?) I ONLY have eight weeks to decide on the workshops and lectures that I wish to sit in on.

Oh yes....and I ONLY have eight weeks to fill all of you in on it every step of the way!

:) C.