Hello old friend...

I haven't written in...forever.

Okay, not TECHNICALLY forever...but it's been awhile.

My time has been consumed by various things, and that has left very minimal time for writing, let alone the time to put two or more coherent thoughts together that I could possibly write about.

I have a genealogy project that I'm way behind on, but I'm rationalizing that since I'm not getting paid to do this project, it's okay that my "real life" has had to come first, and this project has been put on hold.  But that's not a very ethical practice to get in the habit of as a future certifiably certified genealogist, so it's on my "to-do" list for spring break.  It will get finished!

I'm also insanely involved as a "PTA-Super Parent" (yes, I've actually been called that.)  Events at my kids' elementary school, and playing the role of PTSA treasurer not only at my building level, but also at the executive level for the school district have kept me jumping.  I love it.  I don't see my involvement changing anytime soon.  But a little better time management on my part would be extremely beneficial...as well as two complete budget proposals for the 2013-2014 school year.  (Those are also on my Spring Break "To-Do" list)

And then there is the other role that I've taken on.  I've learned that I'm the one who is going to be my child's best advocate for their public education.  It's a role that is frustrating, sometimes pretty lonely, migraine-inducing, and yet...can be the single most rewarding thing I've ever done.  I suppose being super involved at my school's PTSA put me in a position to be more "in the know", but a year ago, I had no idea I would be as involved as I am today.

I'm passionately quiet about this - when the opportunity presents itself, I'll tell you how I feel...but the time is now to engage my community, and that means becoming passionately vocal and speaking out, standing up, and putting it out there for everyone to know.

Hang on to your seats boys and girls!!