On those silly little 12 year old girls...

On Valentine's Day, I wrote of the newly discovered plan of my son to ambush surprise a classmate with a Valentine in her locker.  I was scared of entering this stage of his life.  I wasn't prepared for him to be at this stage in his life.

As it turns out, it may have been much more innocent than at first suspected.  Maybe.

As his mother, of course I was itching with curiosity all day.  It took everything I had to not meet him at the door and question him endlessly...

"What happened?"
"What did she say?"
"What's her name?"

I restrained myself and played it cool.

For about 5 minutes.

When he came home it was the usual conversation with his siblings, the search for the after-school hunger craving, and settling in for a full evening of homework.  As I walked through the dining room where he sat figuring out the value of "x", I (very) non-chalantly asked him how his Valentine's Day was at school.

"Eh, it was okay."  (Uh-oh - what did the lil' trollop do?)

What happened?

"Well I put a valentine in someone's locker...but it was a failure."

{gulp} (omg! He told me!)  Really?  Why?  Why do you think it was a failure?

"Because when she opened her locker this morning, all these other valentines fell out, not just mine."

(Oh thank you Jesus!)  Well that's okay, that just means she has a lot of friends.  (Right?)
So...who is she?

"Nobody mom."

Ummm...is she cute?


(Dude!) Dude! (I mean, great! Not going on looks alone...smart move kiddo!)

"Well mom, I just looked down the hall the other day, picked a random locker and decided that's who was getting a valentine.  And the locker just happened to belong to a girl."

So this was like a random act of kindness thing?  (I really do love this kid of mine!!)

"Yeah...that's it."

So what's her name?

"None of your business mom."
Hmmmm...maybe it wasn't so random after all????