Of Hearts & Cherubs...and 12 year old boys...

It's Valentine's Day.  Generally not a day that I get overly excited about.  There's the hearts, the flowers, the little naked cherubs, blah, blah, blah.  It's not that I get shafted by Mr. D. for Valentine's Day (Hello... spa day)   I'm just not big on sharing "special" days with the rest of the world population...although the chocolate can be a major perk.

Relax...I didn't forget about him.  He's getting what could quite honestly be the most perfect card (don't you love being able to find that perfect card?).    And there's also Triple Chocolate Cookies for him.  Well, us...because it's chocolate, and he knows that he'll have to share.  ;)

The last few years, I've discovered it's rather fun to shower my children with valentines on this day.  Maybe it's because I don't have to go crazy or overboard to surprise them with little fun treats that really make their day, and remind them of how absolutely incredible I think each one of them is.  This year it's M & M's and an Arch card...and I know they're going to think it's freakin' Christmas when they see them.  Little things still excite them.

I caught a glimpse of a change on the horizon last year, when D-man (who was 11 at the time) came home from school on Valentine's Day a bit down.  He told me a group at the middle school was selling chocolate suckers that you could purchase and have delivered to someone special at school...and he didn't get one.  My immediate thought was, dude...you're 11!  But out loud I merely asked him if there was someone special that he had hoped to receive a valentine from.  He grinned and said, "No mom!"  (Okay...good...not going there yet...let's move on, shall we?)

Fast forward to this year.  This morning Mr. D. pulled me aside and let me know that he was taking D-man into school early instead of having him ride the bus.

How come?
"Because he asked me to."
But why?
"Because he put a valentine in someone's locker after school yesterday, and if he rides his bus to school, he'll get there too late to see her open it, and he wants to see her reaction."

Wait...an actual girl?
He laughed at me.

This is not funny!  When did girls come into the picture?  There have never been girls in my son's life other than his little sister...and me!!  I mean, I'm supposed to be the love of my little boy's life...not some nameless, faceless little 7th grader who apparently has captured his heart.

(I know, I know...it's just a valentine, not a marriage proposal.)

And for that matter...what if, as he stands there watching her open her locker, discovering her valentine, reading it, and then...what if she publicly rejects his feelings for her?  (Let me at the little trollop, I'll show her she can't stomp on my boy's heart like that!)  Or maybe it was a secret admirer valentine?  (That's my boy...keep it cool)

I'm just not ready for this.